An original product of the New Jersey Hardcore Scene, Chris Wornowicz grew up going to local shows and doing what he loved best- listening to music. During his teen years, Chris spent his nights in the dish rooms and kitchens of local restaurants and bars earning money to attend these shows. Unbeknownst to him at the time, he would be learning the trade that would carry him for the next ten years. Cooking.

After trying the "traditional" college education, Chris decided to pursue a formal education of the trade in which he was already submerged. Deep in the heart of Asbury Park, he attended culinary school and graduated with medals of academic achievement, along with the respect of colleagues and teachers for his unorthodox approach to the culinary world.

Chris went on to cook in several different restaurants to learn and experience varied techniques and cuisines. Before long, he was running his own kitchen, creating his own menu, ordering his own food and building a loyal clientele. At this point, his soups were getting local press (Night and Day Magazine), and he was a one-man show at the helm of two kitchens simultaneously.

In November of 2005, Chris took a corporate job, which put him in creative exile for two years. Stifled by the menial work of corporate cooking, he decided to embark on a new culinary adventure by combining the only two things that have kept him alive since he was a teenager. Music and cooking.

This is the inspiration behind A fusion of two arts, not by an artist, but by a new kind of vision.

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